Trademark ‘Cartselli 1967’ being a family business was introduced to the market in 1967 and currently the receiver of the brand is Grano Costellazione S.R.L.
Trademark ‘Cartselli 1967’ is represented by:
• Pasta;
• Canned products;
• Flour products.
• Rice.
• Packed beans.
• Cocoa powder.
Over the years, the trademark ‘Cartselli 1967’ took a strong position in the sector of wholesale trade of food commodities, which contributes to stable sales growth of all types of products in the ‘Cartselli’ trading portfolio.
Five decades of sustained growth have brought the brand ‘Cartselli 1967’ at a high competitive position, due to a number of competitive advantages:>
• The diversification of production particularly canned and flour products, pasta ensure the economic efficiency of the company in the variable market conditions.
• A wide balanced product range that combines eleven different types of products focused on both the ultimate consumer and the manufacturer.
• The gained management experience contributing to advanced sales techniques and creation of excellent reputation among customers.
• The conversion from quantitative to qualitative distribution.
The success of the brand ‘Cartselli 1967’ is in compliance with the principles aimed at the improvement of production and methods of the wholesale distribution in Asia and the Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

‘Cartselli 1967’ products – excellent quality and excellent taste.
Our company is working steadily in the sector of wholesale trade of food commodities.
The main performance indicators of our activities are the following:
• a wide range of goods;
• low price;
• stability of goods supplies;
• availability of all supporting documents;
• the trust of customers.
Thanks to the excellent quality of our products and an elaborate pricing policy of the company, the product range of own trademark ‘Cartselli 1967’ is constantly expanding and also there is the increase in sales volume in order to meet the growing population’s need for quality products.
In the products section you can choose the desired goods and see the pictures of each kind of products that we offer and you can check the prices and find out the detailed specifications of our goods by calling us.
We ship products worldwide in the shortest possible time; the products are packaged on pallets. Product prices are calculated for each region individually with the consideration of shipping. For our partners and customers we are ready to consider various variants of cooperation, prepaid or postpaid upon delivery. For the wholesale customers we offer the most convenient scheme of cooperation and methods of calculation.
Engaged in the wholesale of food products, we have only positive feedback from our customers and good reputation.